David Quinlan

Software Engineer, Geek, Trumpet, Interested in Cooking, Photography, Running, Yoga, various other things, Cancer Survivor.

Solutions Architect @ Mercedes-Benz UK

Soprano Cornet @ Hitchin Band

Eb Trumpet @ The Brass Foundry

Ride London Essex 2022 Done

Ride London 2022 – Done

Better late then never, so sorry for not getting around to this sooner, but thank you to those of you who donated to my fundraiser connected with this event. Total raised this year was just short of £600 which is fantastic. Again, thank you on behalf of Blood Cancer UK and myself. The Preparation A 100 mile ride does take some preparation in terms of planning the day before & the day itself. Training started in mid March which included…

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Ride London - Essex 2022

Ride London – Essex 2022

I am delighted to announce that I will be riding in Ride London – Essex 2022 raising funds for Blood Cancer UK again. This is my 4th time participating in the event and my second time raising funds for Blood Cancer UK having been diagnosed the summer following my first ride. I originally had a place on the pandemic Ride London – Surrey event which would have been on the “traditional course”. This years event sees the ride head out…

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Concerts in the Diary!

Finally, some concerts in the diary… hopefully, no more COVID related cancellations! The Brass Foundry – February 13th The Brass Foundry was setup last summer as a group to explore the capabilities of a larger Symphonic Brass Ensemble, and to try out arrangements that it’s founder, Edward Solomon had completed during lock down. Initially, a rehearsal group but it gathered momentum with the naming of the group, and formalising group objectives and rehearsal schedule. Initially, due to debut as a…

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Visit to Waterford! Finally

Because of you know what, trips back to Waterford to catch up with family were put on hold for a while. Since the start of this pandemic, let’s just say, it’s been an eventful time for both my family and in-laws. Thankfully, now all is good. Travel bans during the pandemic also curtailed gatherings for a few big birthdays and anniversaries too back in Waterford (in addition to a postponed in-law wedding, and stag do of course… 🙂 ) ,…

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Barnard Castle

Finally, Performances in Public!

20th June was the day, with Potters Bar band in Hatfield House .. 463 days from last live gig.. or.. 1 Year, 3 months and 6 days.. or.. 15 Months and 6 days.. Yes, we opened up with Barnard Castle March. Few future gigs in the calender now too as things open up for outdoor, and some indoor socially distant concerts. 11th July – Hitchin Band – Borehamwood Bandstand From 3pm – Meadow Park, Borehamwood 18th July – Hitchin Band…

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David Quinlan - Trumpet

Dates in the diary..

Have we just had our last free Thursday night (all brass bands I’ve ever played with, rehearsed on Thursday night..)? Well, until yesterday’s press conference by you know who, I was more positive, let’s see, its go go go for now. At Hitchin Band we will be back to Thursday night, socially distant rehearsals from May 20th. There have been a few small group out doors gatherings but they are not for me really. We did do (potentially) our final…

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Year in Wine

A year in wine…

For whatever reason, our council doesn’t collect glass for recycling so we must store it and bring it to the local recycling centre ourselves periodically. Some people moan about such inconveniences but it doesn’t really bother us, as we often have garden waste (big garden!) and other bits and bobs to bring at the same time, so no worries. Usually, we’d do a monthly trip, probably on the way to purchase food for the chooks as the centre is on…

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50 in February - Half way

50 in February for Blood Cancer UK – Half Way Report

Happy New Fundraising Year! With this years (as far as I am aware) Ride London not happening, I’ve decided to join Blood Cancer UK on their 50 in February event to open my 2021 fundraising account! The 50 in February event is to run 50 KM or Miles in February, raising funds for the charity, publishing progress on social media channels, etc to get the funds in! According to the Facebook group, there are over 1400 runners from all parts…

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No Gigs

No gigs to announce..

Here we go, it’s 2021 and I have no gigs to announce. I say that, as January is usually when I post information here on the first few of the year, The City of London Symphonic Winds, followed by The North London Symphony Orchestra… with a usual post related to Brass Band Area Contests (I’m not missing having to attend eleventy-billion band rehearsals to be fair). I have so much sympathy, if that doesn’t sound too patronising for those who…

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1000 Miles for Blood Cancer UK Done

After 32 days, 31 rides, mainly on Zwift, I’ve completed my challenge! 31 Rides 1005.74 miles covered! 57:35:09 Total Ride Time 36,882 Calories burned! 66,733 Feet of Climbing The final day was the PRL ride on Zwift. 11 laps of the London Loop. Above shows the stats recorded by Zwift App. I can’t quite believe I completed the 100 miles in under 5 hrs which is cool. Yes, I did enjoy a beer or two after the ride, needed to…

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