Hairy Cell Leukaemia – Treatment Eve – twas the night before chemo…

twas the night before chemo….. So, treatment starts tomorrow… something we’ve been building up to in the last 7 days.  Since being diagnosed, Mrs Q and I have tried to have as normal a week as possible.  After leaving the hospital last Monday, we popped into a coffee shop in Southgate to take it all in and make some calls to close family to update them of the situation.  Then, it was home, and back to work. Mrs Q has…

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Hairy Cell Leukaemia

Hairy Cell Leukaemia

Today I was diagnosed with a cancer known as “Hairy Cell Leukaemia”  (yes, I would get the one with the amusing name).   After struggling with gaining fitness recently for a couple of 10k runs, and some other physical symptoms and just feeling run down in general I went and had some tests.  Arguably, in the best shape of my life, (despite!) having just turned 45, practising Yoga weekly, participating in local Park Runs, entering several 10k runs each year…

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