For whatever reason, our council doesn’t collect glass for recycling so we must store it and bring it to the local recycling centre ourselves periodically. Some people moan about such inconveniences but it doesn’t really bother us, as we often have garden waste (big garden!) and other bits and bobs to bring at the same time, so no worries. Usually, we’d do a monthly trip, probably on the way to purchase food for the chooks as the centre is on the way.

Then, lockdown….

After lockdown was announced, it was then necessary to book appointments to visit the centre, so it became a bit more inconvenient. Then, the wine bottles started to build up (well, of sorts). Mrs Q decided, we’d store all the wine bottles (we were storing other jars for Plum Jam / Chutney) and make a wine bottle Christmas tree yay (narrator, we didn’t make a wine bottle Christmas tree).

Long story short, we now have 12 months build up of empty wine bottles, pretty much 100% purchased and consumed by us, as we’ve had no dinner parties, barbecues or gatherings of any sorts where guests would bring a bottle or two along. This got me thinking, what were our preferences? Do the empties align with our preconceived ideas .. “Oh, we like smack in the chops big bold reds…”.. the answers are in.

To add, I am a Naked Wines subscriber, so what we would purchase over a year, the majority would from that supplier. Also, home-cook about 99% of our meals, so there would be a few cheeky whites for risotto’s and other such recipes.

First, to set your minds at rest, there were 60 bottles, so a little over a bottle a week average. Honest, I’ve not thrown any over the fences next door or anything.

By Country

Naked wines have suppliers from around the world.

  • Argentina(5)
  • Australia(3)
  • Chile(6)
  • France(13)
  • Italy(8)
  • Moldova(2)
  • New Zealand(6)
  • Portugal(5)
  • South Africa(3)
  • Spain(6)
  • USA, California(3)

By Grape

Some of the wines supplied by Naked wines are from smaller suppliers, who produce blends “of the region”. I think a couple of the Sicilian and Portuguese wines were of this variety. I was surprised to see what variety came out on top, but I guess, its 17 out of 60, where at least 30 of the others are reds which would be my preference.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon(1)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot(1)
  • Castellore(1)
  • Champagne(4)
  • Chardonnay(1)
  • Grenache & Syrah(2)
  • Malbec(5)
  • Merlot(1)
  • Minervois(1)
  • Monastrell(1)
  • Pinot Grigio(4)
  • Pinot Noir(2)
  • Prosecco(1)
  • Riesling(1)
  • Rioja(2)
  • Sauvingon Blanc(17)
  • Shiraz Durif(1)
  • Syrah(1)
  • Tempranillo(2)
  • Terre Siciliane(3)
  • Variety(7)
  • Zinfandel(1)

Red or White?

It’s almost a 50 / 50 split!

  • Champagne(3)
  • Red(31)
  • Rose(1)
  • Sparkling(1)
  • White(24)

The Wines

Here is a full list of the wines, yes, I keyed all the data into a spreadsheet today. I also sorted by bottle for recycling (clear / green glass) as they will go to recycling soon!

Freeman’s Bay, MarlboroughSauvingon BlancNew Zealand
Clare ValleyRieslingAustralia
Marcelo BocadaroMalbecArgentina
Small and SmallSauvingon BlancNew Zealand
Castillero del DiabloChardonnayChile
Grande AlberoneZinfandelItaly
Nicolas FeuillatteChampagneFrance
Louis BernardChampagneFrance
KimbaoPinot NoirChile
Dominc Hentall Terre SicilianeItaly
VilleboisSauvingon BlancFrance
Vingobles RousselletSauvingon BlancFrance
Rod EasthopeSauvingon BlancNew Zealand
ArabellaCabernet SauvignonSouth Africa
Katie JonesGrenache & SyrahFrance
SantolinShiraz DurifAustralia
Sire de BeaupreChampagneFrance
ClearspringsSauvingon BlancSouth Africa
StellenboschCabernet Sauvignon MerlotSouth Africa
Carta RojaMonastrellSpain
Sebastian San MartinMalbecArgentina
TukitukiSauvingon BlancNew Zealand
Back DoorTempranilloSpain
Vina TinajasSauvingon BlancChile
Boy meets GirlSauvingon BlancAustralia
Serena CorderoPinot GrigioMoldova
Campo ViejoRiojaSpain
Phantom RiverSauvingon BlancChile
Castillero del DiabloPinot GrigioChile
F. Stephen MillierMerlotUSA, California
Baron De BarbonRiojaSpain
BeachfrontSauvingon BlancUSA, California
Benjamin DarnaultMinervoisFrance
Katie JonesSauvingon BlancFrance
San MarcoPinot GrigioItaly
Katie JonesSyrahFrance
BarefootSauvingon BlancUSA, California
Tomas BuendiaTempranilloSpain
Nero DavolaCastelloreItaly
Yellow TailShirazAustralia
Stefano Di BlasiVarietyItaly
Cotes Du RhoneVarietyFrance
ArabellaCabernet SauvignonSouth Africa
Ponte GuglieGarganegaItaly
Moet & ChandonChampagneFrance
Chateau FilhotSauterneFrance

Happy drinking folks, always drink responsibly etc.