David Quinlan

Software Engineer, Geek, Trumpet, Interested in Cooking, Photography, Running, Yoga, various other things, Cancer Survivor.

Solutions Architect @ Mercedes-Benz UK

Soprano Cornet @ Hitchin Band

Eb Trumpet @ The Brass Foundry

London to Brighton 2013

Hi folks, I’m taking part in the London to Brighton Cycle this year, if you could spare a few bob and some time to donate. Raising money for the British Heart Foundation… I’ll probably need defibrillator when I reach Brighton… Donate here! https://www.justgiving.com/dmq/ Thanks!

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Reality Check?

Overall, a good day out yesterday at Masters, OK not the desired result, but you have to take the losses with same grace as victories. It is band contest after all, so many variables to try and control  and it is down to the judges decision in the end. We played more or less as well as we could and will take on board comments from judges as we prepare for nationals. Not hugely impressed with very negative live feed opinions from…

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On A Roll! Bring on the Masters!

It turns out the Regent Brass are on a roll.  2 contests in 2013, 2 first places… can we make it 3 in a row tomorrow at the Masters? This is my fifth time at the masters, having previously competed with Aveley & Newham (Chivalry 10th Place in 2003, Harrisons Dream 7th Place in 2004, Cloudcatcher Fells 11th Place in 2005,  Paganini Variations 19th Place 2006), this is my second time playing Championship level work by Eric Ball, A Kensington Concerto. Previously,…

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Success breeds success

… hopefully… Bit of a late posting on this topic really, but after many hours of practice, rehearsals, ups and downs, highs and lows in terms of morale, the day came, we waited our turn, went on stage and delivered a performance more or less to plan.  A short time later, Regent Brass were crowned 2013 London & Southern Counties Area Champions (Championship Section) by the judge, John Berryman. There was much rejoicing… 🙂 So what does this mean? For…

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Absolute Class

I have listened and enjoyed the music of Joe Zawinul for many years from when I first heard him play with Miles Davis.  (Brown Street with the WDR Big Band is one of favourite recordings)  The Absolute Ensemble “Absolute Zawinul” was on my Amazon wish list for a long time, and finally, it was purchased for me as a gift at Christmas.  It features works that I certainly wasn’t familiar with, as Joe Zawinul stated in program notes that he…

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2013 Blog Update

Finally, a long awaited facelift & update to this site. Updates will be more frequent in future!!   Stay tuned for information on concerts / gigs I will be playing at, or just general musings on technology, music and other topics of interest to me.

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