If variety is the spice of life, I certainly have variety this coming Autumn/Winter with regard to the concerts and contests I have in my schedule so far!

David Quinlan - Trumpet (Photo : https://www.facebook.com/dalewightmanphotography)

David Quinlan – Trumpet (Photo : https://www.facebook.com/dalewightmanphotography)

First up is my first time playing a full Concerto on Trumpet with the South East London Orchestra in September.  I will be playing the Haydn Concerto in Eb, which I’m sure everyone is familiar with, which makes my job that bit harder.  Also on the programme that afternoon is Weber’s Oberon Overture and Shumann’s Symphony No 3 ‘Rhenish’.  SELO are conducted by David Smith.

Next in October, is the big event in Regent Brass‘s year, the National Finals in the Royal Albert Hall.  We qualified this year in March and work has already started in earnest on the test piece, Of Distant Memories “Music in and Olden Style” by Edward Gregson. The work is Edward Gregson’s homage to the golden age of brass banding and composers such as Percy Fletcher.

November, sees Regent Brass return to Perth to compete in the Scottish Open for the the third time.  This year, the test piece is Wilford Heatons Contest Music, which is still a challenge to master and play after all these years.  Originally written for the National Finals in 1973, it was rejected as being “too advanced” only being accepted to huge acclaim 9 years later!

Finally, in December, the first concert in the NLSO (North London Symphony Orchestra) season, where we are to play Glinka’s Overture, Ruslan & Lyudmilla, Stravinksy’s Firebird Suite and Berlioz Symphony Fantastique (for which I intend to play the Arban obbligato in the minuet).

… right, where is my tune a day, better get practising…. 🙂