David Quinlan – Computing & Software Engineering

Computing & Software Engineering

After completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Computing at Waterford Institute of Technology, I took a role as Junior Developer with PDMS on the Isle of Man.

After many years, and brief spell working at CityNetworks, I worked for PDMS based in their London office for 5 years.  Main technology areas at PDMS were web based business systems, high volume transactional websites, gaming sites authored using C#, PDMS Foundations with SQL Server database backend.

Half way through 2012 I took up a position with PDB UK (now Money Gap Group) as Senior Web Developer.  After 6 months, I was promoted to a position of Chief Technology Officer.  During my time at PDB/MGG I was exposed to the world of on-line / digital marketing, which I found to be quite an interesting topic.  Generating leads, tracking leads, incomes by channel and having to understand the complex world of SEO and keeping on the good side of Google rules was very challenging.  Unfortunately,  I was mad redundant from Money Gap Group in September 2014 due to external market conditions as a result of regulation in their industry sector.  After 2 months of unemployment (rest, recuperation, skills refresh, training courses…), I was appointed Chief Technology Officer of Meetingrooms.com.   This is a really exciting and challenging opportunity for me at this stage in my career. Coming in at first floor of a global start-up is proving to be very rewarding on many levels. I am very much looking forward to continuing to build on the work started prior to my arrival and take the technology platform to the next level capable of sustaining global demand for an increasing market.

In February 2017 I was appointed Head of Development at MBA.  MBA are a leading independent digital agency with many high profile accounts.  I am looking forward to building on my existing development and project management skills but also learning more about digital marketing, content management systems and other breaking technologies.

In January 2020 I started new role at Numerous as Lead Developer, working building Xamarin App, back end services, data warehouses in start-up agile devops environment following lean principles.

After redundancy from Numerous in September 2021, I started as a Solutions Architect for Mercedes-Benz Uk.

For more career information see my LinkedIn profile.

Away from work, I maintain an interest in many aspects of technology, software engineering and development.  I have undertaken postgraduate level courses with the Open University.

Current ongoing projects/interests are:-

  • Microsoft Development technologies.
  • Agile Development Methodologies.
  • Enterprise Patterns & Application Architectures
  • Lean Principles, inspired by reading Eric Ries book The Lean Startup I was interested how this could be applied daily on software projects, or more programs of work (ongoing projects).