Hairy Cell Leukaemia Recovery Week 3

A short report this week (… and there was much rejoicing…)  Sunday was pretty chilled, a relaxing breakfast and morning in our sun trap back garden.  Health wise, feeling good after a restful few days after being discharged from hospital.  Nothing much exciting to do as I was “focused on chilling” in preparation for returning to work on Monday.  We did dip into the Royal Marsden Cookbook to make evening meal on Sunday, this time Angela Hartnett’s  Pea and Pancetta…

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Hairy Cell Leukaemia Recovery Week 1 and 2

I had intended for this to be a weekly blog detailing my recovery, but the unpredictability of being neutropenic put play to that.  There is a very fine line between, “I’m doing grand…” and “Eh, temp is up.. time to go to A&E” – 1.5 degrees Celsius. Friday 4th August Waking up in my own bed for the first time in over a week, without having nurses wake you to attach you to a drip, without nurses lying through their…

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Hairy Cell Leukaemia my Treatment experience

In a previous post, I stated that my treatment would be 5 days of chemotherapy, specifically daily injections of the Cladribine.  Three out of five days, this was the case… but we took a detour in between treatments three and four.  Many of my family and close friends will be already aware of my journey to an extent, as I did update with some details on Facebook, and of course I had my “support groups” on WhatsApp for instant communication…

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