This year I won a place in the ballot to ride in the Prudential Ride London 100 mile bike ride.  Having previously participated in the London to Brighton rides on my Marin Nail Trail, for this ride I thought it would be much better and more comfortable to purchase a proper road bike.  After some research and online browsing I chose an entry level Chris Boardman bike from local Halfords, quite a bargain too as it was on sale, being last years model.

Prudential Ride London Map 2016


My father in law Julian also participated this year, but having an earlier start time, we didn’t ride together. He was also fortunate to avoid the delays due to the accidents that occurred en route.

My ride time was 6hrs 8mins but due to delays I was on the bike for almost 9 hours.  I did manage to complete before the 5:30pm cut off so do have my medal!

Next time I hope to participate and see about a more or less non-stop cycle.  The route is fantastic through London, Richmond Park, Hampton Court than the Surrey Hills (an area of outstanding natural beauty so the sign says.. certainly is an area of outstanding natural pain when tackled on a bike!).  Box Hill, Leith Hill (what a descent!) … must make time for another cycle through that area soon before the winter closes in.

I fixed my GoPro to my handlebar stem using some gaffa tape… forgot to switch off when we were delayed so battery ran out.. so gallery below contains some pictures up to the 38th mile.

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Prudential Ride London - David Quinlan Finish Line

Finish Line Selfie – pulling a rather determined face.. fighting the emotions…

Eventually, got to have that celebratory beer.. after a short rest, coffee.. then ride home, only another 10 miles…

David Quinlan - Prudential Ride London 2016