2 weeks done, the stats..

Grand Prix streaming while riding!
  • 14 Rides (13 on Zwift, 1 IRL)
  • 360.96 Miles in total (Lands end to Stoke-on-Trent – or near enough!) – er.. 36% distance
  • 21:51:33 Total riding time.
  • 12,821 Calories burned
  • 26,521 Feet of climbing (50.52% of the total I could find for one of the popular routes)
  • 108 miles behind ideal schedule (see burn down!)

The red line is tracking my cumulative daily progress towards zero miles remaining (burndown). I’m behind schedule, as indicated by being the wrong side of the ideal line. I intend to catch up over the next couple of weeks, tapering towards the end leaving 100 miles for the final day PRL on Zwift.

6 A.M. starts are getting easier. I had a couple of days off the bike last week as I wasn’t feeling so well. I also didn’t quite take into account the cumulative effect of daily (about 18 days including first week) of riding on turbo trainer, so I have fitted a far more ergonomic saddle for the remainder (and ever!!!) on my road bike.

Not so comfy saddle, and comfy saddle… a comparison!

I’ve not actually found it that tough getting up in mornings to complete 25 miles or so. It is however, still quite a commitment to keep going every day and obviously thank MrsQ for allowing me to indulge in this. I promise, I’m still pulling my (reducing!) weight around the house!

I can’t thank those who have donated to date enough! Marvellous! I’m at 45% of target, so if you can donate, please do!

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