At last a pretty uneventful week.  Felt more fit and healthy than I have for many weeks.  Monday’s blood tests show that Neutrophils are up to 0.73 which is really good.  I have resumed daily yoga practice (a short 10 minute routine as I build up my strength) and trumpet practice on my pTrumpet.

On Friday, I made an escape and went into the office for our monthly review meeting.  It was great to get out and catch up with work colleagues.  I plan to start going in more regularly from next week, still travelling off peak until my immune system has sufficiently recovered.  I also took the opportunity when back in the office to get some holiday signed off, woohoo…. Spain in early October.  Hopefully, we’ll get some good weather and can chill out (although, I still have to avoid sun really!)

Only annoying thing this week really was that my weekend medication (I take daily medication, and extra medication at weekends) knocked me out a bit on Saturday, which was a shame as the weather was good and would have been nice to get out and do something!  Same happened last Saturday on the Isle of Man.  Hopefully this is only temporary and as my system recovers, the side effects will be less severe in future.

Looking forward to next blood tests, I’m betting Neutrophils >= 1.1 …. any takers?