For the final concert of the 2018 season, CLSW have engaged Paul Archibald as MD.  I played under Paul for the last few years at Regent Brass and am very much looking forward to this series of rehearsals and forthcoming concert.

Again, the repertoire is a mix of music that I’m familiar with from the Brass Band world, and music new to me.

Concert Program:

  • Gregson – Festivio
  • Grainger/Wilson – British Waterside
  • Grainger/Wilson – The Cutting of the Hay
  • Ellerby – Requiescant Aberfan
  • Sparke – Music for a Festival
  • Woolfenden – Illyrian Dances
  • McCabe/Wheeler – Clouudcatcher Fells

The concert is on November 25th at 4:30pm.  For more information check out the CLSW Website.