End of Week 3, the stats!!

Breather crossing the A1
  • 24 Rides (21 on Zwift, 3 IRL)
  • 701.11 Miles in total (Lands end to Pitlochry – or near enough!) – er.. 70% distance
  • 41:33:09 Total riding time.
  • 25,301 Calories burned
  • 47,591 Feet of climbing (90.65% of the total I could find for one of the popular routes)
  • 49 miles behind ideal schedule (see burn down!)

The red line is tracking my cumulative daily progress towards zero miles remaining (burndown). I’m behind schedule, as indicated by being the wrong side of the ideal line. I intend leaving 100 miles for the final day PRL on Zwift.

I completed the PRL Half this week and only have a few rides to complete on Zwift now. The Tour de France routes have yet to appear for general users yet, maybe this week!

No saddle related issues to report this time, all good. So far I’ve raised 58% of my total so thank you to those who have sponsored me so far. If you can sponsor me please do! Link below to make it easy!

Looking forward to the last 8 days!

Thank You!

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