This year for our summer holiday Mrs Q and I decided to split our holiday between two destinations.  Both of us practice Yoga so we thought it would be a good time to go on a Yoga / Fitness break.  After some searches on the web Mrs Q found a company that offered short term fitness breaks including Yoga in Tuscany.  As neither of us had visited Tuscany before, this was a good opportunity for us to experience it’s food, culture, scenery and practice some Yoga too of course.

We could not have been happier with our choice of location, Fontebussi, a hilltop resort right in the heart of Chianti country, or the company we booked through, Tuscan Fitness.

The Fontebussi Tuscan resort itself was formerly a hilltop village that has been converted into a 4 star hotel resort. The various buildings from the village which were renovated were now serving as apartments and other amenities for the hotel.  The views across the valley below are stunning (see pictures below!).

Tuscan Fitness operate out of the Fontebussi resort offering Yoga and fitness combined with a meal plan of healthy freshly prepared meals.  The meals were specifically for the Tuscan Fitness guests (ok, not traditional Tuscan fare, but very good indeed, when we moved on to Rome, we got properly suck into Italian food!).  The team at Tuscan Fitness were superb, very friendly and expert Yoga and fitness instructors. I’d never participated in a fitness class as such (I’m more endurance, running, cycling etc) so all these squats, dolphin push-ups and all kinds of strange manoeuvres really kicked my ass!  We enjoyed a good half day hike too where we got to see the more of the countryside.

Scroll through my pictures below hosted on Flickr (or click here to view larger resolution).


Fontebussi Tuscany

Based on our experiences at both the location and with the team from Tuscan Fitness, a break like this will be on our agenda in future and we would recommend this to anyone thinking of a Yoga / Fitness break.