Let’s face it, we all know there are very few benefits to commuting into central London from the suburbs on a daily basis.  To see the Flying Scotsman in full steam on Thursday was a real privilege and huge thrill.  I was wearily going through my normal morning routine with BBC Breakfast TV on in the background when I spotted the news regarding it’s historic trip from London’s Kings Cross to York, departing at 08:40.  Being a regular commuter, I know it takes approximately 20 minutes from Kings Cross to New Southgate, so, fortunately for me, I would be in time to catch my regular 07:57am and possibly catch the Flying Scotsman as it passed by.

The Flying Scotsman at New Southgate. #flyingscotsman #steam #train #london #newsouthgate #barnet

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I’m quite pleased I managed to get a decent shot of the train as it steamed by.   Brightened up a usually dreary trip on the Great Northern Line rolling stock…